Do you want to know what jewelry to wear to let you sparkle?

Every woman is unique and has her own beautiful spots that she wants to enlighten. Some type of pieces of jewelry look gorgeous on you and other pieces of jewelry don’t do anything to make you more beautiful.

Isn’t it great to know what jewelry you can wear best?
And look gorgeous every day of the week?

In this information set, I will show you everything you need to know to choose the right jewelry for you!
You will get:

Email 1

  • a PDF how to figure out what type of face you have
  • advice what kind of earrings fit with what type of face
  • video with examples of earrings and what type of face looks best with that earrings

Email 2

  • advice what type of bracelet you can wear best when you are a well-figured, a slim, a tall or a smaller woman
  • video with examples of bracelets and what bracelet looks best with what type of woman

Email 3

  • video with advice what length of necklace does the most for your face
  • a PDF how to calculate the right length for your necklace
  • a bonus with a lot of advice about what jewelry you can wear best