Free gifts PDF Birthstone stories

Every birthstone has its story and all the stories come together in this PDF.

Every month has its own birthstone. And the birthstone of the month you are born is your birthstone. Some months have even more than one birthstone (lucky you, you have a choice!). Birthstone jewelry makes great and personal gifts and shows that you care and thought about giving the right jewelry.

Make it even more personal and special and add a blog post from this PDF to your gift!

How does it work:

  • you can download the PDF (use the button under this page)
  • go to your month and find the birthstone, and I added some blog posts with information or great stories. Click on the link of the blog post you want to read and it gets you where you want to go
  • under every blog post is a possibility to download the blog post as a PDF (great to add with your gift)

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