• The price is the mentioned amount in Euro’s, excl. the shippingcosts
  • You can pay via PayPal or I can sent you an invoice through Paypal
  • Any custom costs are not included in the price
  • The price is exclusive the alterationcosts, if applicable


  • Your purchase will be sent within 2 working-days after the payment is received
  • Your purchase will be sent by registered mail
  • For insured mail: ask me for the extra costs
  • If I cannot sent your purchase within 2 days, due to my absence, then you get 10% discount on the purchase (not the shippingcosts). In case of my holiday I will let you know by message in my shop.
  • If you want your purchase to be sent by ordinary mail, let me know and ask me for the shippingcosts. In this case I cannot take any responsibility for purchases lost in the mail.


It’s possible to adjust the necklaces (smaller or bigger), add matching earrings to the necklace or design your own piece of jewelry and ask me to produce it


  • If a jewel is broken in the mail, please let me know within 3 days after the arrival of the purchase. I will solve the problem without any costs (except for your shippingcosts. Don’t return a purchase without warning me first!
  • If you don’t like the jewel, you can sent it back and you can chose another jewel. This is without costs except for the shippingcosts of you and FlorenceJewelshop. This service is valid until one week after the arrival of your purchase and notifying FlorenceJewelshop.