A gemstone color chart you need to have!

– What gemstone matches perfectly with your outfit. –

You want to look perfect. You choose your outfit with care and you want to add perfect matching pieces of jewelry. But what gemstone is the right match?

You have a piece of jewelry and you don’t know what gemstone is in it? This gemstone color chart, made by FlorenceJewelshop for you, is the answer to those questions.

  • With the chart, you can find the gemstones by color
  • Find the gemstones that match your outfit by color
  • And find the name of your unknown gemstones by color

A practical gemstone color chart. Easy to handle. Just made for you. A gemstone color chart you need to have! It is a gift from FlorenceJewelshop for you. Just let me know where I can send it to?

Where can I send the free gemstone color chart to?

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You can download the chart by a simple click on the image below: