Some women approach me and ask ‘Florence, why should I wear jewelry?’ ‘It’s uncomfortable, I am good looking, I don’t have minor points to cover up, it’s expensive, I don’t like what is in the shops’ and many more arguments. Of course, I answer them personally, but I think it is wise to tell you all why you really should wear (the right) jewelry.

It’s all about the WHY!

Irene with and without her black gem necklace

Irene with and without her black gem necklace


The monkey and the ring.

You might think uhhhh, I thought you wanted to talk about jewelry? But before I talk about the WHY, the WHAT and the HOW I want to make a remark.
There is a Dutch saying that says: ‘Al draagt een aap een gouden ring, het is en blijft een lelijk ding’. The literal translation is: ‘a monkey can wear a golden ring, it still can be an ugly creature’. The Dutch want to say with this saying that when you have a nasty character, you cannot cover that up with jewelry.

I found an English equivalent for this Dutch saying: ‘You cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear’. I hope that it’s clear now that jewelry and wearing jewelry has nothing to do with hiding or camouflage an ugly character. It’s really about something else.

Ingrid with her green statement necklace

Ingrid with her green statement necklace

The WHY.

There are many reasons why women wear jewelry and there are also many reasons why women don’t like to wear them. All those reasons are valid for that person, but certainly not for everyone.

Let me give you some reasons why women like to wear jewelry:

  • Feeling more beautiful, with the right jewelry
  • Feeling more confident when you look gorgeous with the right jewelry
  • Showing your status or place in society
  • It’s a part of your profession, like the ‘jewelry’ of a priest, shaman
  • You want to cover up some minor points, like big hips, a short neck
  • You just like showing off and feel special

And there many more. But the real reason why women (and men) wear pieces of jewelry is that jewelry is a part of your identity and your culture.

This is the reason not only in this century but also in the Bronze Age, Ancient Times… It’s the reason since men invented jewelry.

Let me explain this

When I see a lady, wearing a colorful gemstone necklace, a golden ring on her left hand and a little cross under that colorful necklace. She wears also long matching earrings and next to that some diamond studs. What do I see exactly?

I see a lady who feels happy at that time (colorful gemstone necklace) and she wants to be seen (large necklace, long earrings). She is married and a Catholic (golden ring on her left hand and a cross). And she can afford expensive jewelry, so probably she has a higher status in society (diamond studs).
This is not a scientific story, but an emotional one. This is the first impression of that person. My look at her. But you can ask: ‘why is she wearing exactly those pieces of jewelry?’. Those pieces are the result of her identity and her mood/feelings. And depending on the type of jewelry you can tell something where she comes from.

What happens…

What happens when you meet a lady without any pieces of jewelry? She is more anonymous. You don’t know how she feels, where she comes from. It’s not a disaster not knowing that, but it is easier when you do. Easier for a first conversation, for a first impression. You know faster how to behave and probably you feel more comfortable when you ‘know’ who you are talking too.

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