Maybe you do not know, but you can recognize trends in jewelry, in necklaces. And there is even a necklace trend for 2018 available. Pieces of jewelry have the ‘job’ to make you more beautiful, feel more confident and be happier. Jewelry can attract the attention to your best part or the part you want to enlighten, like your face. And a great necklace, that looks great on you, can attract the eyes and the ears to your face and mouth. No wonder that a necklace is the most favorite piece of jewelry of most women.

There are a lot of types of necklaces, like chokers, collars, chaplets, reveries, gorgets… And there are real trends in necklaces. Here are the top ten trends in necklaces for 2018:

  1. Long necklaces

In 2016/17 long necklaces were popular too. Mainly the necklaces made of chains, combined with little gemstone beads are THE trend in 2018. The funny thing or trend is that the necklaces become longer and longer: up to the navel or even below. Maybe this trend is not for all women to follow.

Long necklaces are great for smaller women; they will look taller with a long necklace. But when the necklace is too long, like below the navel, the smaller women look even smaller. When you have a large bust a long necklace will not look beautiful on you, because the necklace will hang loose below your bust and the longer necklace look best when it can fall straight down. When you have large hips and you wear a long necklace it can pull the attraction to your hips. In this case, you better wear necklaces that are a bit shorter.

Long necklaces made with 1. lapis lazuli and silver and 2. amethyst, rhinestone quartz, and silver

  1. Pendants

A long necklace will fall more beautiful when there is a pendant on the chain, that gives a little weight. The longer the necklace the larger the pendant should be; otherwise, you will not see the pendant. Take care that the pendant does not hang lower than the navel since the attraction should stay above the navel. Pendants can be made of metal and gemstone beads.

Long necklaces with pendants

  1. Chokers

Chokers look gorgeous on women with a beautiful, not wrinkled, longer and younger neck. A choker pulls the attraction to your face, but you must have the ‘right’ neck for it, to look beautiful. It is best to wear a lower neckline when you have a choker.

Chokers have been popular already for a long time and they will be in the future too. So when you buy a great choker, that looks great on you, it is not an investment for just the season, but you will be happy with it for a long time.

  1. Beaded necklaces

Beaded gemstone necklaces are popular and will be in the future. The beads are little gems and bond together to make a gorgeous piece of jewelry. There is no woman that cannot find the right beaded necklace for her. The beads make the necklace ‘alive’ and playful.

Of course, there are also necklace made with other materials than gemstone beads. Those necklaces mostly follow the trend of the season. Nothing wrong with that, especially when they match your outfit perfectly. In this case, you have to make a choice between durable and shallow.

  1. Large necklaces

There is a kind of myth that small women cannot wear large necklaces. But with the right large necklace, small women look fabulous with them. And when you want to get the attention to your face, you cannot do without it. The large necklaces are mostly made with gemstones and precious materials and you might fin dit useful to know how heavy the large necklace is, you like. When you have problems with your neck and/or shoulders, stick to large necklaces that weigh less than 50 grams.

  1. Floral motif necklaces

Nature and environmental subjects stay popular and also the jewelry designers base their collections on these motifs. You see necklaces with floral motifs made with little beads or gemstones like agate or jade carved in the shape of a flower and leaves.

But also ‘recycled’ jewelry is popular. That is jewelry made of old material or material that normally is not used for making jewelry, like a wheel of watches etc. You call that trend ‘steampunk’.

Two designers, I admire, make jewelry with old materials or fabric. And I would advise you to have a look at their collection: VickiDianeDesigns  or BluKatDesign .

Floral motivs made of coral in necklaces

  1. Ethnic motifs

Jewelry designers love to design necklaces with a touch of Egypt, Africa, India or China. Sometimes they use materials that will give the Egyptian (Lapis Lazuli), Indian (precious quartzes) or Chinese (jade) feeling. Or the designers use shapes that are typical ethnic.

As a designer, you can also use a special combination of gemstone beads to get an ethnic look. A combination of turkoois, coral and pearls is used often in the Tibetan jewelry. Or what about lavastone and amber for the Iceland look. Lapis Lazuli and silver or gold are typical for Egypt and for a more Chinese feeling you can combine jade and pearls.

  1. Minimal jewelry

Minimal jewelry supposed to be small and simple. It is related to the movement that finds materialism disgusting and bad for the future of the earth. An exponent of this philosophy is the tiny house of about 20m3. You see a lot of small bracelets and necklaces that you can call ‘minimal jewelry’. The funny thing about trends is that the idea is great, but people wear a lot of tiny bracelets together or combine 2 or 3 tiny necklaces so that it gets volume after all.

FlorenceJewelshop makes handmade design jewelry with gemstones and silver. All the pieces of jewelry are unique and exclusive and there is only one piece of jewelry made from every design. Of course, try to incorporate some ‘trends’ in my jewelry. But I prefer to use the trends as an inspiration, and not as a ‘law’.

I will advise you to use trend in jewelry and fashion as an inspiration too. It comes all together with emotion and feeling happy with what you wear: trend or no trend. A piece of jewelry made with gemstone and silver is expensive and lasting for more seasons than the trend. So choose your jewelry with care and buy the piece that matches your personality, your features, and your favorite outfit.

And when you want some more tips about jewelry and sometimes a great offer? Just let me know where I can send those tips too.



Hug Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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