Are you in the Marie Kondo flow and have you started to throw away all the stuff you haven’t used last year? Including your old jewelry? STOP NOW!!! You can reuse your beautiful old jewelry and become trendy wit hit. This blog post will show you ‘what to do with your old jewelry’!

There are three types of old jewelry you might have in your jewelry box. Jewelry which you think is old-fashioned and you don’t want to be seen with it. Jewelry you don’t like anymore and jewelry that is broken. Let’s discuss what you can do with it, besides throwing away.

Charm bracelets

Old fashioned jewelry.

Jewelry that was trendy in the last century may be a piece that you don’t want to be seen with. But… trends go up and down and old trends may come back. If you have beautiful out-of-date jewelry, I would keep it and wait until it gets modern again.


When I was about 5 years old I got from my parents a charm bracelet and every birthday or another happy occasion I got a new charm for my bracelet. I have no idea where that bracelet is now, but I do notice that charm bracelets are very hot again. And not only the Pandora type charms but also the ‘real charms’, like the lucky charms and the small replicas of teapots, tennis rackets, hearts, etc.

Another example:

From my grandmother, I got a very old-fashioned baroque pearl necklace. Anyway, when I received it I thought it was very old-fashioned. But out of respect for her and for memory sake I did not want to throw it away. Now, this baroque pearl necklace is very very trendy. And when I wear it people compliment me with it!

old gold

old gold

Jewelry you don’t like anymore

That can happen. And especially when this is a piece of jewelry that has a great memory it is hard to give ita way or even throw it away. But there are quite a few possibilities to give these pieces a second life.

  1. When it is a piece of beaded jewelry, you can take the beads, add some other beads or silver to it and make a new piece of jewelry out of them. Or you can send it to FlorenceJewelshop and let me do the job!

My friend inherited a lot of jewelry from her mother, but she did not like it at all. But for memory sake, she did not want to throw it away or leave it in her jewelry box and leave it there. I got all the pieces, took them apart and added her and there new beads and silver. Or I combined two or more necklaces together. Now she is wearing her mother’s jewelry and is very happy with it.

  1. When the jewelry is not beaded you can bring it to a piece of jewelry and ask to make one or two new pieces from the material you bring with you. Gold and silver can be melted and gemstones can be set in a new piece of jewelry. The advantage is that you can say exactly what you want and it will become a new piece of jewelry just to your taste.

You don’t have to bring the material to an expensive jeweler, that asks a fortune to do the job. Jewelers that work from home, or just finished their training can do the job just as well and for a reasonable price. You just have to pay the craftsmanship and maybe some extra material.

  1. The new trend is to wear a lot of necklaces and bracelets at the same time. You can use your old jewelry perfectly to do the job. And you are really trendy with them. Just take care that the pieces match a little bit and that they don’t all have the same length.
broken crystals

broken crystals

Broken jewelry

Well, of course, you can bring it to the jeweler and ask to repair it. But maybe it is broken ánd you don’t like it. You can follow the tips #2 and #3 above. Or you can decide to make a completely another item with the material. On Etsy and Pinterest you can find a lot of ideas, like decorating an ugly photo frame with the broken parts of your jewelry or sew the pieces on a dull dress or shirt.

You can also bring the gold and silver and maybe the gemstones to a jeweler and ask whether they will buy it from you. Especially gold and silver have a value and you get more than when you throw the broken pieces away.

old-fashioned baroque pearls used in a modern necklace from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop

old-fashioned baroque pearls used in a modern necklace from the collection of FlorenceJewelshop


Never ever throw your jewelry away. Please give it a second life using the tips I gave you. You can save me and I’ll bet your jewelry heart with it.

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Hug, Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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