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About 7000 years ago earrings were a male ornament. In ancient Asia, Egypt and Assyria men used earrings to show that they belong to a certain class, a higher class. In ancient Rome, earrings were worn only by slaves and in ancient Greece earrings, only prostitutes wore earrings.

A little bit later in time the Greek and Roman ladies started to wear earrings, set with pearls, topaz, and other gemstones; just to show their status and class. In the Middle Ages in Europe people were not allowed to pierce their ears and wear earrings. The Catholic Church decided that men could not change his body and pierce it because men were created in the image of God. The higher classes followed that rule, but the lowers class, pirates and thieves just continued to wear earrings.

You could also ‘talk’ with your earrings. For instance: a pirate got his earring when he plundered a ship, a farmer boy with an earring meant that he was the only boy in the family when a boy had an earring in his left ear, he was the son of a single mother and his father died in the war. And a man with an earring in every ear was the last person from his family.



1. Konyak warrior with earrings 2. Ancient Greek nobleman with earrings 3. Polish nobleman with earring


When I was young my father did not allow me to have pierced ears, so that I could wear studs. But with the first salary of my first decent job I bought contact lenses and studs (with the piercing included of course).

Well, times are changing… earrings became a female ornament too, a lot of women are wearing earrings and have their ears pierced (and men too) and earrings are the subject of the interest of serious trend watchers.

So let’s have a look what are the earring trends for the Winter of 2017. And I will show you 5 types of earrings that are ‘hot’ this winter. But the general rule this winter is: wear large and expressive earrings. That is when you can wear them, off course. Earrings should compliment your face and don’t wear a type of earring because it is fashion. Wear those earrings because you love them and they will enlighten your face.


  1. Long earrings

Long and big earrings are trendy. And long means very long, sometimes fashion models wear earrings longer than their shoulders. It’s not practical, but it can be beautiful. Especially when you have a round face. Long earrings make your face longer. But don’t wear earrings that fall on the widest part of your jaw: keep the length above or below that part. Long earrings can make you look longer, but if you have a long neck wearing long earrings (especially the fragile and thin long earrings) makes your neck even longer.


  1. Casual pearls

Pearls in necklaces and in earrings are very trendy this winter. Not necessary the white round old-fashioned type of pearls, but the colored ones, the Biwa pearls, and the bigger ones. They are great in long earrings and you can find beautiful designs.


  1. Natural stone earrings

Nature in fashion is very modern already for a few seasons, like using feathers in earrings, or bones or gemstones. And you see the polished and the unpolished versions of gemstones in the fashion world. Because gemstones can be heavy and maybe too heavy for your ears, try the earrings that are a bit shorter than the long ones I mentioned above.


  1. Geometric figures

The painter Mondriaan has influenced the fashion trends already for one or two seasons. And the earrings are no exception to that. You can see big and expressive geometric patterns in the earring world and they look great on women that are tall and thinner and on women with a long or rectangular shape of the face.


  1. Studs

Then last but not least: the studs. You can buy the ‘normal’ studs, but also studs that have an extra ornament hanging from the back of the earrings. Studs look beautiful on women with a round face, women with a shorter neck and women with a wrinkled neck. The attention goes to the studs (when they are gorgeous, a bit shiny and special) and not the body parts you don’t like too much.

So now you know what earrings to buy when you want to be trendy, hot or when you are a fashion addict. But remember: earrings are there to compliment your face. So choose the ones that make you look stunning. You can also watch this short video for all the jewelry trends of the Winter 2017


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