Discover the secrets of gemstone Turquoise

Turquoise is an opaque blue to green gemstone, that is very rare and pricey (more than $250 per kilo). It has been used for ages as an ornamental stone in the mosks in Samarkand and Persia, and the deathmask of Tutanchamon. It is known by many names: Pliny the Elder called it ‘callais’, the Aztecs used the name ‘chalchihuitl’ and in Europe the gemstone was named turquoise, after the French word for Turkish people ‘Turks’, since the stone came via Turkey to Europe.
One of the first gems to be mined was turquoise, mostly in small-scaled mines because of the limited scope and the remoteness of the deposits. Until today people try to find turquoise by hand, like in Tibet. In Tibet you can find only very small pieces of turquoise. The Tibetans crush the small pieces into powder, add wax to the powder and make bigger pieces of turquoise.
The story of the necklace:
Turquoise is one of my favourite colors and I wanted to make a necklace of this color and gemstone since a long time. Actually since I visited and worked in Tibet as a touroperator. The Tibetan women were wearing their familyjewels, made of turquoise, pearls and coral, so proudly. I could not keep my eyes from it.
Finding the right beads was not an easy job: I bought some in Tibet (the back of the necklace), I found some in France and in the United States. And it took me a long time before I had enough beads to finish my piece of jewelry. To make it better looking I had to add the two round Howlite beads in the front: it would be too expensive to buy a Turquoise bead in that size.
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A closer look:
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