In my last blog post, I explained that a jewel trends of 2017/2018 are not just an idea of a jewel designer. It’s too easy to think that when a designer just makes and promotes a certain style of jewelry that type of jewelry becomes the jewel trends of 2017/2018. New jewel trends are based on ideas, on a vision. And on the things that the world is talking about, like the worries about the environment, about health, about peace.

The vision that is behind the jewel trends of 2017/2018:

  • We want products with an excellent quality. They need to have a great and unique design and are made of ‘fair trade’ material, that did not cause any (or very little) pollution. We don’t want look-a-likes and no mass production;
  • We choose to take care of our environment, our health;
  • We want to show our identity with the products we choose to use or to wear. They have to be one of a kind, show our emotion and what we are as a person.

When the designer agrees upon the vision, he or she needs to translate that vision to characteristics of the pieces of jewelry he wants to design for the season 2017/2018.

Handmade one of a kind gemstone necklace of Botswana agate and Thai silver

The translation of the general vision shows us the following characteristics of the jewel trend of2017/2018:

  1. Handmade pieces of jewelry

All the pieces of jewelry in the jewel trends 2017/2018 are handmade. Handmade one of a kind piece of jewelry has a soul and have a unique design. Since there are no two pieces of jewelry alike, you cannot produce these pieces with machines in a mass production environment. Handmade gemstone pieces of jewelry don’t cause any pollution or garbage, since they are made when needed, and not more than needed.

  1. Pieces of jewelry made of minerals and gemstone

Minerals and gemstones are natural materials. And the designer has to take care that the material he or she buys did not pollute the environment. That the miners of the minerals and gemstones get a fair salary. A mineral or a gemstone –after mining- have to be cut and polished and that is all handmade, with the use of machines. But you can cut and polish only one gemstone at the time. And you have to be an expert to cut and polish the gemstone in the right way. That they get the best glance and brilliance.

Handmade one of a kind gemstone necklace of coral, faceted onyx and silver

  1. Asymmetric jewelry

We don’t want to look alike and with an asymmetric piece of jewelry, you don’t. Wearing an asymmetric piece you tell the world: I am me and I am special and I am not like any other person. I don’t care what another thinks or says: I like wearing this gorgeous piece of jewelry.

  1. The use of fabrics as a material for the new jewelry style.

Designers are always looking for a different look. Last years jewel collection you saw a lot of leather and metal pieces of jewelry. Now the designer chooses more durable materials, like titanium, gold, and silver. But also silk or other ‘rich’ fabrics.

Handmade one of a kind necklace made of titanium, Thai silver, and pearls

You can describe the look of the jewel trends of 2017/2018 in this way:

Handmade one of a kind unique pieces of jewelry, made of minerals, gemstones, and fabric, that do not pollute the environment. And they express the individuality of every woman that wears these beauties.

In my next blog post, I will show you the new color scheme of the jewel trends of 2017/2018.

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