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Here are the jewelry trends 2019!

Statement necklace with blue agate and Thais silver

Statement necklace with blue agate and Thais silver


You try to look trendy, without following all the trends. You choose your jewelry carefully, considering the new idea’s without purchasing only the new things on the jewelry market. You are critical and regard your features before following the new jewelry trend. When you recognize yourself in the description, you need to read this blog post, because ‘here are the jewelry trends 2019’, straight from Miland, New York, and Paris.

The general jewelry trends of 2019

You see some general trends on the (jewelry) catwalks that you can implement even without purchasing a lot of new jewelry. Just look what you have in your jewelry box and make a different style with the pieces of jewelry and accessories you have.

One thing that caught my eye looking at the new jewelry trend is that femininity is the big red line in the jewelry of 2019. The jewelry of 2019 is pretentious, eccentric and informal. Even the pieces of jewelry combined with a business suit.

Another important jewelry trend is that your jewelry doesn’t look cheap. Rhinestone and gemstones are ‘hot’ but don’t wear plastic or painted stone jewelry (and I am sure you did not already). The gemstones and material should be of high quality.

Accessories are important to look ‘2019’. But you better forget a purse or bag, than your earrings or bracelet. It is the first impression that is important and earrings are seen earlier than your bag.

In 2019 you see jewelry made of gemstones, rhinestones (high quality), pearls and silver. The style is multilayering, large and asymmetric.

Specific jewelry trends of 2019

  1. The style is romantic and feminine. To accomplish a romantic style you can wear small and round pieces of jewelry
  2. Another popular style is the ethnic style, especially the Maya or Egyptian influence will be seen in many trendy earrings, bracelets or necklaces: silver and blue!
  3. The colors are mainly white with bright accents, all kinds of blue, pink, mustard, and almond (very light brown color). And these colors combine perfectly with each other. And for the blue look, you choose topaz, sapphire, sodalite, aquamarine, lapis lazuli.
  4. Geometrically shaped gemstones and bulky silver pieces of jewelry gives you the look of a ‘femme fatale’
  5. Floral and animal adornments (necklaces, earrings etc.)
  6. Silver, white gold and platinum (silver color) is more popular than red or yellow golden pieces of jewelry
  7. Rhinestone quartz is very popular. Especially the huge quartzes.
  8. Large rings with huge gemstones are trendy. To make it more wearable you combine a few rings with gemstones on the same finger.

The jewelry you wear makes your appearance more balanced and you make an impact wearing them.

Statement earrings made of blue howlite and Thais silver

Statement earrings made of blue howlite and Thais silver

New ways of wearing jewelry in 2019

Hair jewelry is popular in the winter of 2019, like hairpins with gemstones and rhinestones, tiaras for parties, leather or fur bandages combined with huge and long earrings. And for the bandages: they look like the ones from the 1920s and fall a little over your forehead.

Brooches return in the jewelry scene. Brooches with sparkling gemstones, rhinestones and pearls are popular. The reason is simple: in 2019 wearing accessories and especially jewelry will be ‘important’ and a brooch can be worn on a coat while the other pieces of jewelry will be covered by that same coat or hat.

Since jewelry should be seen at all times, wearing bracelets over a long glove is ‘hot’ this winter. And again… large bracelets with a lot of gemstones or a combination of a few smaller ones are the ones to wear.

Or a large belt with a ‘must be seen’ buckle of gemstones or a gemstone pendant belongs to your accessory collection in 2091

My advice

It is important that you feel happy wearing pieces of jewelry, trendy or not. You still have to regard your features like the shape of your face, your body style, your height, the colors that match your skin best. When you don’t regard those features and wear the new trendy jewelry of 2019, you might not look at your best. And that must be the result at all times, with all trends: wear jewelry that makes you sparkle!

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Hug, Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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