Modern blue lapis lazuli gemstone and silver necklace with an add-on pendant

Modern blue lapis lazuli gemstone and silver necklace with an add-on pendant



Although you’re not a fashionista, it’s always great to look trendy, hip and modern. But to buy every season new jewelry is a bit costly. In this blog post, I like to explain how to look trendy with your ‘old’ jewelry. Just to have a good look at your jewelry box, use your imagination and maybe purchase a few add-ons.

In some previous blog posts, I wrote about the trendy colors of the next jewelry season, about the materials that are used in the new jewelry collections and about more new trends that come up next Fall and Winter season. You can read those blog posts first, but I will summarize them in the next paragraphs.


Combination of white pearl studs and blue long earrings

Combination of white pearl studs and blue long earrings

How to look trendy with your ‘old’ earrings?

For the new Fall and Winter season, the jewelry designers produced long earrings and asymmetrical earrings. You can combine long earrings with studs or you wear two different earrings in the same color scheme. You just have to pay attention to the shape of your face and wear the right earrings for that shape (you can apply for a free ebook when you don’t know what’s the shape of your face, here:



Back to your jewelry box.

  • Combine one long earring with one matching shape or color stud and you look awesome trendy
  • Make you existing earrings even longer and take the ear wire off the long earrings. Put a matching stud in your ear and hook the longer earrings without the ear wire or ear hook at the pin of the stud behind your earlobe. Fix it with the ear nut or ear back. This will sit tight and safe when there is about 0.5 mm / 0.020-inch pin left.
  • Or combine the two trends by wearing a stud in every ear and put one longer matching earring behind the earlobe on the pin of the stud and fix it with an ear nut. Then you get asymmetrical earrings with one longer one.


How to look trendy with your ‘old’ bracelets?

The trend wearing multiple bracelets at the same time on the same arm stays in the next Fall and Winter season. The designers show a lot of silver and gemstone bracelets in their jewelry collection. And of course, you can mix and match your own bracelets to get a modern look. And remember that silver is ‘hot’ next season and gold is ‘out’ (only when you want to follow the trend)



Find in your jewelry box:

  • All the silver bracelet you have or even silver necklaces that you can twist a few times around your arm. Especially in the evening when the lights fall beautifully on the silver and the silver reflects the color of your outfit, this looks awesome. Just be careful with this trend when you have large hips. You don’t want them to look even larger and they will when you wear shiny and wide bracelets
  • Combine a silver bracelet with your gemstone bracelet. This looks gorgeous when the gemstone bracelet has some silver elements.

How to look trendy with your ‘old’ necklaces?

The jewelry designers were very inventive when you look at the new necklace collections. The material they use is mainly gemstones, silver, and other natural materials, like pearls. They used a lot of chokers, pendants and long necklaces. And all the combinations you can think of.

When you find in your jewel box:

  • A choker with a longer matching gemstone necklace, you look fabulously modern. And the advantage is that your friends think that you bought a new necklace!
  • Hook a pendant to a choker or longer necklace to look trendy. You can purchase a few pendants with lobster clasps which you can hook on other necklaces. When you cannot find them ask me to make a few for you. You also can take a pendant from another necklace in your box and hook it to another necklace.
  • Combine a silver necklace with a gemstone necklace that has some silver elements. The length does not have to be the same. You can combine shorter and longer necklaces. Just take care that you don’t look like a Christmas tree.

Hopefully, you got some ideas about how to combine your ‘old’ jewelry to make your look modern or trendy. And when you want to get more ideas, tips&secrets in your mailbox every 2 weeks, just let me know and I will send them personally to you!



Hug, Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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