Did you know that colors have their own ‘language’, that they have a message and that you can ‘talk’ with that ‘color language’ about your feelings, your opinions and emotions.? And that wearing the right colored piece of jewelry can get you to your goal easier? That to look at the colors in my jewelry you know what I want to say?

Did you know that you form a judgment about a certain piece of jewelry within 90 seconds. And that 60-90% of that judgment is based upon color? The color determines how we feel and how we feel about you wearing a certain colored piece of jewelry! About the time that you find out what the meaning of colors is and how to use this knowledge in the right choice of your jewelry!

A long time ago psychologists find out that colors cause emotions and incitement. You could come up with this yourself. In our language, we use a lot of colors to express our feelings. Like ‘green with envy’ or ‘out of the blue (sky)’, what about ‘waving the white flag’ or ‘white as a ghost’. Or ‘telling a white lie’ or a ‘black eye’. Colors are used in communications because everybody knows what a color stands for. Before a ‘red light’ you have to stop and you can go when the light turns green. When you wave a white flag the enemy should stop fighting.

With the color of your jewelry (jewelry set with colored gemstones), you can give a certain message, what helps you reach your goal. Interesting to know how you can use this ‘color language’ for your benefit.

What colors expresses which emotion?

Before you determine your strategy in using colors in your piece of jewelry to get what you want, you should know what all the colors stand for. So here we go:

  • Black stands for classic, serious, business, respect and authority. But it can also mean mourning and depression. Black and black pieces of jewelry (onyx, lava stone, black diamond) are great when you attend an official event or going to work. This color will look respectful and you look slimmer in black.
  • Blue is the color of peace, loyalty, and quietness. Blue makes people calm and therefore is used often in businesses and hospitals. Blue pieces of jewelry (lapis lazuli, sodalite, agate, blue quartz) can express also distance
  • Brown is a great color to wear in a piece of jewelry when you want to say you are trustworthy and honest, reliable and stable. You should wear a brown piece of jewelry when you have a job as an assistant or when you support your manager in his work. You can wear tiger eye and Jasper.
  • Gray is a timeless, not so exciting color and stands for elegance, trustfulness, authority, and calmness. And since gray is combined with wisdom (gray hair) is can symbolize also dullness and emptiness. When you want to wear gray pieces of jewelry look for labradorite with a great blue glue.
  • Green means safety (green light), stability, calmness, and quietness (green room). It means also nature and ‘eco’ and when you wear a green piece of jewelry you show that you care about the world and its future (agate, malachite, serpentine)
  • Orange is the color of creativity and great to wear an orange necklace when you have a creative profession (or mood). Wearing an orange piece of jewelry show you have a warm personality and that you are a happy and extrovert person. When you feel down, you best can wear an orange piece of jewelry, with amber, carnelian or orange/red agate to get you out of that depression. Besides this: orange is the color of the Netherlands because the surname of our King is orange. Everybody is wearing orange attending a national soccer match or celebrating King’s Day.
  • Pink is the color that expresses kindness, softness, pureness, health, romance, and innocence. It is a color that is favorite with young girls. It is a great color for a romantic evening out, but not really when you are applying for a job! Or when you are angry with someone and you want to talk about that! You could look for a piece of jewelry with rose quartz of rhodochrosite.
  • Purple is associated with wealth and luxury. It stands for spirituality and wisdom. The meaning of the color purple comes from the time that kings and high priests were wearing purple to stand out from the crowd.
  • Red symbolizes confidence in yourself, energy and power. Men see this color as attractive because wearing this color in your jewelry you appeal attractive and sexy. Too much red can look aggressive. Look for coral or agate pieces of jewelry.
  • Yellow means happiness and optimism and positive thinking. You will show the world that you are a positive person when you wear a piece of jewelry with citrine in it.
  • White stands for innocence, pureness, and virginity, which comes from the time that women wore a white gown and should wed while being a virgin. White means also ‘neutral’. So wear a white piece of jewelry (moonstone, pearls, opal) when you are a mediator.

Now, what can you do with this knowledge about the meaning of colors?

You can use the knowledge of colors in your daily life to reach your goals. Who knows whether a red necklace can help you with a tough examen or will a blue pair of earrings gives you peace in a stressful period.

Choose your pieces of jewelry in the colors that are suitable for the occasion, so that you can reach your goal without too much effort. You can ‘talk’ with colors. I will give you some examples:

  • when you have to do an important presentation, lecture or you have to speak in public wear a piece of jewelry that has a red color with black. Red means that you have authority and you know what you are talking about. And the black color in your jewelry let the listeners know that you are serious. People feel emotions with these colors and that can help you to be a success.
  • When you are invited to meet the parents of your new boyfriend better wear a necklace in the colors orange and brown. You show your future in-laws that you are a happy and honest person, that is trustworthy and stable enough to marry their son.
  • When you have a job interview for a high placed job in a bank or something like that, don’t wear a red piece of jewelry, because it can look aggressive and that is not what they are looking for. You better wear a green, blue or gray piece of jewelry to get yourself accepted as a new partner, manager.
meet the parents of your new boyfriend better wear a necklace in the colors orange and brown.

meet the parents of your new boyfriend better wear a necklace in the colors orange and brown.

In my last blog post, I explained how to discover what your skin tone is and what colors you can wear best to make you more beautiful, more confident. When you know what colors looks best on you, you know now what the meaning of those colors are and you can use that knowledge to let the colors talk for you. And appeal in this way to the emotions of the people you meet and intuitive they know what the colors mean and you can take advantage of that to reach your goal in life.

To help you out, I made a PDF with a lot of gemstones, sorted by color and the healing capacity of each gemstone is added. Click on the link or the photo and let me know where to send the information too.

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