Nowadays in the fashion industry, they talk about trends, the new colors of 2017/2018 and that is the same for the jewelry industry.What is jewelry without fashion and what is fashion without jewelry: hardly anything at all.  I don’t advise you to follow all the trends; you might be broke after a while and you might not become more beautiful following all of them. So just pick those trends that suit you and make you more beautiful!

In my last blog posts, I talked about how a jewel trend is created and what are the 4 best jewel trend of the coming season. Fashion has everything to do with colors: every season has its own colors and color combinations. The fashion shows in London, Paris and New York determine the trends in fashion and the colors that will become popular. Pantone makes every season a kind of color board so that you can see what color will be ‘hot’ or trendy. It is not necessarily your favorite color or the color that suits you best. So be careful and just take the color from the color board that is right for you.

In this blog post, I will show you the new colors of 2017/2018 and the color combination of the coming season and what pieces of jewelry you can wear with it. And there are so many combinations you can make. You can add the same color piece of jewelry as your outfit as an accessory, and then it looks stylish and elegant. When you add a piece of jewelry in a matching color to that same outfit people will see you better and you look modern. Try this out and you will see that pieces of jewelry can make or break your outfit. And with different pieces of jewelry, you can change your look.

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The new colors of 2017/2018 are based on the greens and blues. In my earlier blog post,  I talked about the vision that a jewel designer needs to have before he can make his new collection. And that one of the ‘visions’ is to take care of the environment so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy out beautiful nature, breathe clean air, drink clean water and don’t have to be worried about the safety of our food. The new colors of 2017/2018 that match with this vision are green and blue.

The colors that could be seen in the fashion shows of London, Paris and New York. Those colors are translated by Pantone.

And there are so many beautiful combinations to make with the new colors of 2017/2018. Since they are stylish, warm and elegant. And there is a combination for everybody…

This color combination may not be that obvious, but when you take the blue and/or green color as a base and add some red accents, you will look great. This necklace has the blue and the green and will look gorgeous with this color combination. The necklace is made of howlite, mother of pearl and silver chips.


I love the color that is called ‘Golden Lime’. It remembers me to forests and ferns. You can combine it with a kind of teal color (Spaced Spruce) and the orange (Autumn Maple). You can use the blue and the green as a base and add the orange as an accent. But it will be great if you take the orange color as a base with the blue and green as an accent. Whatever you decide to wear, this necklace will look stunning with it. The necklace is made of agate and silver and is finished with a magnetic clasp.


This color combination looks great when you have a darker skin. I decided to add this necklace to it to make it one set. The necklace looks fabulous with all these colors; it does not matter which color you take as a base.


The first 2 color combinations are based on ‘warm’ colors. This color combination and the previous one are more ‘cool’, but not less beautiful. I would advise you to take one blue color as a base and use the other two colors as an accent. Or take the gray color as the base and the blues as accents. And there is where this necklace comes in. It has both of the blues and you will look stunning with this combination. The necklace is made of agate and Thai silver.


This is my last example of the color combinations you can make with the new season colors and the pieces of jewelry. But there are a lot more of course. The reds with the gray color look great on many occasions and the necklace is a great accent to it. The necklace is made of coral, faceted onyx and silver.


Just one last tip how to use these new colors of 2017/2018 combinations. Take one color as a base of a dress, shirt etc. Then choose one of the other colors for matching trousers, long cardigan or another piece of clothing. And then use the necklace or earrings in the third color of the combination as the accent. You will look fabulous, get more confidence and compliments. And that is the way we like it, don’t we?

hugs Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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In my last blog post, I explained that a jewel trends of 2017/2018 are not just an idea of a jewel designer. It’s too easy to think that when a designer just makes and promotes a certain style of jewelry that type of jewelry becomes the jewel trends of 2017/2018. New jewel trends are based on ideas, on a vision. And on the things that the world is talking about, like the worries about the environment, about health, about peace.

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