Do you know how to wear minimalistic jewelry for an awesome effect? At the moment minimalistic jewelry is ‘hot’. The minimalistic look can make your appearance elegant and sophisticated. That is when you know how to wear what pieces of jewelry. It can also look very dull and common, and that is not what you want, do you? In this article, I will explain what minimalistic jewelry looks like and how you can wear it best. Read on….

What does minimalistic jewelry look like and why wearing it?

Minimalistic jewelry is about creating simple lines and a fewer amount of colors that speak for themselves. Nothing extra is necessary to accomplish a chic and elegant look. With this look, you follow the ‘mission’, ‘less is more’.

But it is not that easy, because when you don’t choose the right jewelry it may look boring. Or people think that it does not interest you how you look. The minimalistic look is not that small necklace with a pendant you wear day and day out. Or the small and plain earrings that seem to be glued on your ears.

The key to the minimalistic look and jewelry is to create clean lines and keep your overall look simple. Minimalistic jewelry has simple lines, no stacking simple pieces of jewelry over or next to each other.

You might adopt this look to tell the world that you need too many accessories to look beautiful. Or you have adopted the thought that people owe too many things, and you make a statement against it. Or you want to wear your jewelry the whole day long, and you want it simple and not too heavy. Or… you just like the look of minimalistic jewelry.

How can you wear minimalistic jewelry best?

Wearing minimalistic jewelry best is not a rocket science, but when you don’t wear it well you have a chance to look boring. And that’s not your intention. So here are some tips and tricks you can follow to look awesome with minimalistic jewelry:

  • Keep it simple, but not boring. Choose pieces of jewelry that can make a simple but attractive statement, like a gorgeous pendant on a simple chain, or a one color bracelet with some gemstones attached to it.
  • When you are a well-figured woman and tiny or smalle pieces of jewelry are not your thing, choose geometric pieces, preferably in one color and one material or a bold necklace, that is not fussy.
  • Minimalistic jewelry does not have to be small metal necklaces with a small pendant. You can wear a beaded necklace in one color: the center is beaded and there is a chain attached to it. You will look stunning with a necklace like that and follow the minimalistic look.
  • Don’t wear too many pieces of jewelry, but combine them well. Wear a minimalistic statement necklace with small earrings in the same color.
  • Wear clean lines, what means that when you wear more than one necklace they should not cross each other, the necklaces should not overlap. Give each piece of jewelry room to breath. Use your skin as background and avoid wearing multiple minimalistic necklaces on a shirt or dress.
  • Wear delicate bracelets, with a small accent, like a bead or charm.
  • Small studs with a shiny bead, like a diamond or a sapphire, look stunning with a minimalistic look. Don’t hide them behind your hair or scarf or collar.
Minimalistic style jewelry set made of silver and pearls

Minimalistic style jewelry set made of silver and pearls

  • You can stack rings or necklaces or bracelets in the minimalistic look, but keep the look simple. For example by wearing pieces of jewelry in the same material or color.
  • Going to a party and wearing a dress/shirt with an open back? Wear your lariat backward to look minimalistic exciting!
  • Keep your clothing and accessories in line with the minimalistic look you want to accomplish. Have a look at HIP tassen (HIP bags) for great minimalistic bags and you can wear a minimalistic bracelet to look stunning.
Minimalistic style bracelet made of lava stone and Thai silver, with a bag of HIP tassen

Minimalistic style bracelet made of lava stone and Thai silver, with a bag of HIP tassen

With all these tips and tricks you know that minimalistic jewelry is not boring, but exciting, if.. you choose your jewelry right. You can reach an awesome effect with simple jewelry, you look elegant and sophisticated. And a great advantage is that minimalistic pieces of jewelry are light (most of the time) and you can wear them the whole day; so you can look great the whole day!

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Hug, Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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Press on the photo to go straight (window) shopping

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