Earrings are so beautiful and can make you look stunning. But there are women who don’t like to wear them. Not because they are too heavy or another physical reason. But because the earrings are getting tangled all the time in their hair, clothing or shawls. In this blog post, I will give you 5 ways how to stop earrings from tangling your hair and clothes.

How to stop earrings from tangling your hair and clothes:

  • The easiest way to avoid your earrings tangle in your hair is to raise your hair. In this way, your earrings will elongate your neck and you will look stunning. Especially when you wear a bit longer earrings. This is a great way of wearing them and look absolutely lovely.
  • Most of the times the reason that your earrings tangle your hair or clothing is that the wire is too long or too wide. You can alter this by cutting a piece from the little stick in the case of studs. And file the end so that this part is not too sharp. The end of the stud should be sticking about 0,5 cm / 0.19 inch out of the back of your ear. That is including the earring backs or back levers that keep the earring at its place. When the ear wire is too wide you can bend it a bit so that the end of the ear wire cannot tangle your hair.

and more tips…

  • When you want to wear your earrings don’t wear woolen high sweaters. Stick to the smooth silk or cotton ones. So that the earrings slide over the material instead of hooking themselves into the material.
  • Heavier earrings tangle less with your hair and clothing then lighter ones. Because of their weight tot end to fall down and not sidewards into your hair.
  • Earrings look best on you when they are longer or shorter than your jaw. When you wear woolen clothing keep your earrings shorter than your jaw. And when you wear silk or smooth cotton shirts you can wear earrings that are longer than your jaw. And in this way avoid your earrings to tangle.
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Earrings and curly hair

Then I would like to give special attention to the women who have curly hair and want to wear earrings. Curly hair and earrings are not a perfect combination since the hair can often get caught in your earrings. The best advice is to wear studs since tangling is unlikely. When you would like to wear statement earrings with your curly hair I would advise you to look for hoops. Hoops are round and they don’t tangle fast with your hair. And when it happens untangling is not a big deal. You have hoop earrings in so many different sizes and textures, that you will find a pair of earrings that look great on you.

When you have any questions or when you know another way to stop earrings from tangling your hair and clothing, please let me know by emailing me at info@florencejewelshop.com. And when you want to know more about what earrings look best on you, ask for this free e-book by letting me know where I can send it to.

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