The designers of pieces of jewelry present their newest ideas in jewelry and the jewelry trend 2017/2018 on the catwalk or in magazines. And when quite a few designers have the same idea they call it a trend. Well, that is not the scientific description of the word ‘trend’, but a clear one. But it does not work that way. In this and the coming 2 blog posts, I will tell you all about the jewelry trends of 2017/2018.

In this blog post, I will give you the big picture of the new jewelry trend 2017/2018. Where the ideas for the jewelry trend 2017/2018 come from. And in the next posts, I will discuss the specific pieces of jewelry, that will become ‘hot’ next seasons and what colors the designers use most.

A designer of jewelry does not start designing a piece of jewelry and after that makes a lot more of the same. And hoping that his pieces of jewelry will become the jewelry trend 2017/2018, or ‘hot’ or popular. He or she is influenced by the topics in society that are popular at the time. Or problems that influence the world or parts of the world or political issues that need attention. The start is a vision about what the pieces of jewelry should represent or themes that the designer wants more attention for. Most of the times the trend is the representation of a vision. And with that vision in mind, he or she starts designing the pieces of jewelry.

So what are the main visions that you will see in the jewelry trend of 2017/2018:

The #1 idea behind the jewelry trend 2017/2018 is good quality.

In today’s society, we are fighting for a high-quality life. We want to buy high-quality products, that are preferably handmade and unique. We like products that look great, with an outstanding design and we have to use them with ease. I am not only talking about jewelry, but also about the products in general. We are willing to pay for high-quality products that have a long ‘life’ and we see the disadvantages of lower quality products, that all look the same. That are getting broken easily and have to be replaced soon.

The translation to the world of designing jewelry is that people want high-quality pieces of jewelry, made of high-quality materials, that are handmade and well finished. No look-a-likes and no mass-production.

The #2 idea behind the jewelry trend 2017/2018 is taking care of the environment.

The people of today have enough of the ‘throwing away’ culture, that leads to high garbage stacks, that make the oceans like plastic bins. The people of today want to take care of their environment so that this earth will be nurturing their children and grandchildren after them. They are taking care of their health and don’t want to live in polluted cities and breathe polluted air. They don’t want to spoil the gifts of this earth, like raw materials, and minerals. They want to recycle and make it possible to reuse precious minerals and materials.

The translation for the designer is that he or she makes pieces of jewelry from a material that will not or have not polluted the environment and will be safe for people’s health. After the piece of jewelry has come to the end of its ‘journey’ the material has to be disposed safe or can be reused. So the designer will use precious materials, gemstones or minerals.

The #3 idea behind the jewelry trend 2017/2018 is creating your own identity.

People don’t want to look like everybody else, they want to have and to show their own identity. You can see that in the tattoo fashion: with a tattoo, you want to look different and unique. Mass-production is not only a waste of raw material (you never produce just enough, you always produce more than needed), but it does not add to your own identity. Mass-production leads to more of the same.

The translation for the jewelry branch is to make handmade, unique, one of a kind and very special pieces of jewelry. So that people can look different from each other, can create their own identity by choosing the pieces of jewelry that look best on them, show their emotion and make them something special.

With these visions, trends in society designers start making their pieces of jewelry for a new season. Those gorgeous pieces are not being worn only in the coming season, but they should be unique and special for many seasons to come. Those pieces of jewelry should make it possible for the woman to look great, look special, look unique and they should show the identity of the bearer. And all this using high-quality material, unique designs that don’t pollute the environment.

The designer wants to make a valuable contribution to the environment, to your health and to you, an emotional unique person, who wants to wear high-quality handmade pieces of jewelry, that have a soul.

Next week you will find my new blog posts and then I will discuss the new jewelry trend 2017/2018, that is based on the vision I talked with you about in this blog post.

Hug, Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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