No, you are not a fashionista. No, you don’t copy every trend that comes up. But yes, you want to look stunning and fabulous and modern. So why don’t you take the trends in jewelry design (and fashion too) that fancy you? And you look great with? This blog tells you all about ‘How to look trendy with ‘sea jewelry’?

What is ‘sea jewelry’?

This spring and summer the jewelry designers came up with the ‘sea theme’. Their inspiration for designing new jewelry comes from the sea and sea related subjects. Nature, eco, and climate change is a great inspiration for making the most gorgeous jewelry.

The jewelry designers used:

  • Sea material, like shells, coral, pearls, and mother of pearl
  • Shapes, that are sea-related, like shell shapes, sea stars, and sea horses, all-in silver or gemstone
  • The intense blue color of the sea by using gemstones like aquamarine

What can you do with this information?

First of all, you don’t have to do anything wit hit. When you have your own style and you look good and are happy with it… don’t change. You must feel comfortable following a trend and it has to add something to your personality. It should become a ‘strange object’, so to speak.

But why don’t you have a look in your jewelry box? I’ll bet there are some pieces of jewelry with pearls in it or coral. Or maybe some jewelry with the shape of shells or sea star? Start wearing them first and you will get compliments with your modern look!

And when you want to buy some new piece of jewelry, you can have a look at whether there is something you really really like and has a ‘sea theme’. But buy this only when you think that you will wear it too when the trend is over.

You will get attached to your special pieces of jewelry. And when it is too trendy, and you wear it only fort he season, you better buy a piece, that last longer. This is the advice of a Dutch jewelry designer, that thinks it is a shame that gorgeous pieces of jewelry stay in the jewelry box, just because they are out of fashion!


To give you some ideas of what you can wear and look trendy, I made collages of pieces of jewelry from my collection, that have that ‘sea theme’. Just have a look and when I can give you some advice… you know where to find me at or Always glad to help you out.

Hug, Florence from FlorenceJewelshop.

When you want to know more and want to know everything about jewelry and gemstones, ask for my ‘tips and secrets’. I will send you every 2 weeks new tips about jewelry and gemstones. Just let me know where to send them too.

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