The year 2018 is up and running and it is time to give you information about how to look awesome in 2018 with jewelry of the right material. Don’t think that you have to follow all the trends to look like a young of heart and mind person. Just choose the pieces of jewelry you love and when it is made with a ‘hot’ material… great. But it is good to know what fashionistas advise this year and take the things that match your style out of it.

So let’s find out with what material the jeweler designers come up with:

Trendy material for the right ‘street fashion look’

There are two types of designers of jewelers: the ones that make pieces of jewelry for the fashion shows, the young people, and the ‘street fashion’. And the ones who like to work with precious stones and materials and their clients look for unique and exclusive pieces of jewelry. You might know that I belong to the second group, but let us find out first what the first group comes up with.

Pieces of jewelry made of plastic, leather and inexpensive materials are ‘hot’ in the fashion shows. The used materials include steel, glass, latex and very shiny beads. The shapes and materials are the ventilation of the imagination of the designers and they love to do this job. It really looks great, although it is normally only made just for this season and not always very durable.

You will also see a kind of mixture of non-precious materials and precious ones. For instance: a leather necklace/choker decorated with little pearls and shiny beads. Or a metal band with a pendant of silver and pearls.

Trendy non-precious material in 2018: 1. feather earrings 2. necklace of titanic band with pearls and silver

Trendy non-precious material in 2018: 1. feather earrings 2. necklace of titanic band with pearls and silver

You are ‘hot’ wearing natural material

Then the other group, the jeweler designers who only work with precious materials and gemstones. Although you could think that these are jewelers that design only for the ‘older’ clients and that they don’t have any ‘modern’ influence, this is not the case. Precious materials are durable and beautiful and they last much longer. But still, there are trends to see here.

When you want to be the queen of the ball you must wear a piece of jewelry made with emerald. This gemstone will become very popular this season and my opinion is that the emerald should be popular in all seasons and in all the coming years. This gemstone belongs to one of the four ‘real’ gemstones and is the brother or sister of the diamond, sapphire, and ruby. This soft green piece of beauty can be worn on so many colored outfits and on so many occasions. You never regret buying a piece of jewelry with emerald.

But there are more popular pieces in 2018 and mostly they are made with natural stones, like turquoise amulets or necklaces, earrings made of little diamonds, long necklaces with an amethyst pendant, aquamarine and lapis lazuli. I will write a blog about the trendy colors next time, but looking at the popular natural stones you will see that the greens and the blueish colors are much used in 2018.



Don’t forget the pearls and silver

There are two great materials that last from 2017 and that is the pearl and silver. And when you have a problem with making up your mind, this problem will be larger than ever. Since you have such a lot of pearls to choose from, like, round pearls, Biwa pearls, button pearls, rice pearls, Majolica pearls, Tahiti pearls and so many more. And the same goes for silver: sterling silver, Bali silver, Thai silver. The combination of different colors of pearls and silver is absolutely fabulous.

Don’t panic when this information makes your choice for your new piece of jewelry even harder. Sorry for that, but I will make it up with you, giving you a few tips:

  • Buying a piece of jewelry made of trendy or ‘hot’ material is fine when you look something to wear one or two seasons. When you want to spend a little bit more and when you look for something that is durable and will look great also in the next years, buy a piece of jewelry made from natural stones/gemstones and precious materials
  • You might like a certain piece of jewelry a lot when you see somebody wearing it on a fashion show or elsewhere. But whether it is made with cheap(er) or more expensive material when it does not look right on you it is a waste of money and expectations. When you don’t know what jewelry match your feature, let me help you out with this free information. You just ask for it.



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