Twice a year Pantone publishes the fashion colors for next season. They choose 10 colors, that can be combined and most of the time there are some dominant colors and some background colors. This spring and summer the colors vary from sparkling and optimistic to serene. Blue and green are important and the fashion trend ‘dictates’ more colors in one jewel or clothing.

Here are the colors Pantone and the fashion industry have chosen for the next season:

This season there are three shades of blue that will become important.

  • Niagara: This color looks like denim blue and can be combined very well with the denim outfits we will see a lot this summer. The Niagara color fits perfect with this necklace: not only the color range but also the little ‘drops’ of the water sparkle in this necklace.
  • Lapis Blue: This blue color is a strong and dominant color and it looks a bit like marine blue. It’s a great alternative for the color black and can be combined with many colors and styles. You can combine this color beautifully with gold (like in this necklace), but also with pink, black or dark gray and white.
  • Island Paradise: It’s the third shade of blue we will see this summer. It looks a bit like aqua and can be combined with aqua colored pieces of jewelry or with white. It’s a real ‘color of the summer’.

Color Niagara: necklace made of agate, silver, and mother of pearl

These shades of blue can be combined with silver and the other colors in the color palette of spring/summer 2017.

Combination of colors: Niagara, Lapis Blue and Hazulnut: Bracelet made of silver and keshi pearls

The greens in the color palette of this spring and summer

There are two shades of green in the palette and they represent the trend ‘back to nature’.

  • Greenery: This is a very fresh shade of green, with a little yellow in it. You will feel the summer with this color, which looks a bit like the color of certain apples. You can combine it perfectly with the color ‘Primrose Yellow’ (see below).
  • Kale: The color Kale is the second green color in the palette of next season. The experts call this a lifestyle color because it remembers the life outdoors, the healthy shakes and it is the color of the heritage style (in the UK). This is a color you can use as a base to combine with other more dominant colors.

In the palette of blues and greens belongs a little yellow.

  • Primrose Yellow: This yellow is a sunny and energetic shade of yellow. You can combine it with the blues and the greens. It’s a color to feel a holiday or a warm summer night. And you can use it as a dominant color with Kale green or one of the shades of blue.

All the greens and the blues and this Primrose Yellow can be combined to make an exciting new color combination of your clothing and jewelry. Here is an example. 

Color combination of color Kale, Primrose Yellow, and Niagara: necklace made of howlite, mother of pearl and silver

There is no spring or summer thinkable without shades of red/purple/pink in the palette. Four great shades of reddish accomplish the total color range of coming season. You can combine them with the other colors, mentioned before. We start with the color:

  • Flame: this is a red/orange color, that expresses joy and laughter and happiness because it is summer.
  • Pink Yarrow is the most dominant color in the color palette. You can combine it with the other colors and you can use it as an extra touch that lightens up your clothing with a piece of jewelry in this color. It is a hot pink or fuchsia type of color for the female touch.
  • Pale Dogwood is an absolute non-dominant color. It’s pinky, subtle and softish like healthy cheeks. Nice color to combine with the other colors and you can use it as a base and use some other colors for the accents.
  • Hazelnut is a neutral color and refers also to the trend of ‘back to nature’. It is an earthy color with a little brown in it. This color combines very well with the other colors and you can wear this color from spring until autumn.

Color Flame: necklace made of agate, carnelian, and silver

Color Hazelnut: necklace made of agate and silver

Earlier in this blog post, I mentioned the great ways of combining the colors of this spring’s palette. Here are some examples of those possibilities. Enjoy!

Combination of color Lapis Blue, Pink Yarrow. and Pale Dogwood: necklace made of jasper and Thai silver

Combination of colors Niagara, Island Paradise, and Kale: necklace made of agate and silver

Combination of colors Kale, Pink Yarrow and Niagara: necklace made of serpentine and silver

To make it easier for you: here are all the colors of the coming season.

Hope you enjoyed this update of the colors of next season 2017.

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