With the right pieces of jewelry, you can look awesome and you can get a lot of attention. There is a free give -away in which I wrote that the shape of your face should be considered for choosing the right earrings. And in another blog, I explained that looking at your features is necessary to choose the right necklace and bracelet. But also the color and tone of your skin can be of influence whether a certain piece of jewelry looks good on you or not. In this blog, I explain how to choose the right color of jewelry to look awesome!

At this moment beaded pieces of jewelry are trendy and all those gemstone beads have a different color. Whether a certain color, or silver or gold, looks good on you has everything to do with the color of your skin and the skin tone.

The right colors for women with a cool skin tone: summer type.

What skin tone do I have?

The skin tone is the color of your skin just below the surface and it is mostly ‘warm’ or ‘cool’. You can have the same skin color as your friend, but a different skin tone. You can figure out what your skin tone is by looking at the veins of the inside of your arms. When your veins are a bit greenish with a yellow undertone you have a warm skin tone. Most of the ‘warm skin tone’ people are the ones with a darker skin color. You can wear best golden or rose golden pieces of jewelry with gemstones like citrine, garnet, peridot, ruby or alexandrite.

People with bluish veins at the inside of your arms have a ‘cool’ skin tone and you look best wearing silver or white gold pieces of jewelry combined with pearls, blue sapphires or soft colored gemstone beads. And when you cannot see the color of your veins, or there is a mix of colors you have a ‘neutral’ skin tone and you look great with silver and gold and all gemstone colors.

Great pieces of jewelry for women with a cool skin tone: winter type

Other ways to determine the tone of your skin are:

  • When you color easily in the sun, but you don’t turn out red most of the times you have a ‘warm’ skin tone. Most of the women from India or Afro-America origin have this skin tone. When you have a deep brown skin color with a bluish skin tone you best wear coffee colored gemstones, like tiger eye and avoid copper colors.
  • When you don’t get a color in the sun and you get a sunburn fast, most of the time you have a pink or blue-red skin tone and you are the ‘cool’ skin tone type. Wear cool or neutral colors to make you more beautiful.
  • The white paper test: don’t use your face for this test, but your neck or bust. Hold a piece of white paper in front of your neck or bust and see what colors come forward. When you have a cool skin tone the blue and purples will come forward and when the greens and golden colors come forward you have a warm skin tone. When you see all kind of colors come forward with this test you probably have a neutral skin tone and the best colors for you depend on how far your skin colored in the sun.
  • Or use your golden or silver necklace or bracelet (no earrings) and have a look at them when you stand in natural daylight. See what metal (gold or silver) makes your skin loos healthier and more appealing. When gold looks better on you, you have a warm skin tone and with silver your skin tone is cool.

Great pieces of jewelry for women with a warm skin tone: spring type

Winter, summer, autumn or spring type and your colors?

The skin tone is not the only thing you have to consider in choosing the right color for your jewelry. The warm and the cool skin tones have two subdivisions:

Cool skin tone:

Summer type: your skin has blue, red or a pink under skin tone ( use the white paper test to find out) and the color of your hair (natural color) and eyes are in balance with the color of your skin.

The colors that look best on you are pink, soft blue, pastel colors and neutral colors. Choose soft colors and avoid the brighter colors.

Winter type: your skin has blue, red or a pink under skin tone and the color of your hair (natural color) and eyes has more contrast with your skin color, like a white skin with black hair.

The colors that look best on you are blue and pink tones or hard colors like white, black or darker blue.

Great pieces of jewelry for women with a warm skin tone: autumn type

Warm skin tone:

Spring type: in the white paper test the golden, off-white and peach colors come forward. Most of the time you have reddish hair, sun spots, pink cheeks and blue or green eyes.

The best color for you is yellow, orange, peach, dark yellow, and coral red.

Autumn type: the golden, warm and yellow colors come forward in the white paper test. Your colors are warm, deep colors, like coffee, caramel brown, beige, green and red (tomato red).

It’s not easy to look awesome and choose the right pieces of jewelry that make you more beautiful, more confident and happier. But hang in there and read these blogs and I will get you on the right track!

To make it a little easier for you I made a color chart where you can find ‘your’ colors and what gemstones have those colors. With this chart, you can search easier the right gemstones for you. Just click on the link or image (below) and let me know where I can send the chart too.

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