Do you love the colors of spring and summer 2020? Every year the designers make up for a new clothing style or design. A lot of times they go back to a style that was in fashion years ago. I’ll bet that you have some clothes in your wardrobe for years, And then they become ‘fashion’ again all of a sudden. There is something new in the designers’ world every year and that is the new seasonal colors.

Every season the fashion designers in Miland, Paris, New York, and the International Fashion Week come up with new colors. Pantone with its ‘color of the year’ and the fashion designers get inspired by the colors of a particular season. Or by some politically influenced events, that are known with a certain color.

Change your wardrobe every season?

That is a major question and the answer is simply NO. Most of us don’t have the budget to do that. And others think it is a waste of material and energy to throw away good clothes. Since you have worn only a few times in a certain season. There is another big trend and that is to buy sustainable stuff. All so that you can avoid spending too many raw materials that exhaust our planet. Say that you want to look great and trendy. What can you do to follow the fashion without spending too much money? Or wasting too much raw material?

Tip 01 wearing the colors of spring and summer 2020.

You can buy some basic clothing in basic colors, like black, white, gray, etc. And add every season some accessories in the color of the season. Like jewelry, shoes, a little bag, or a scarf.

Tip 02 wearing the colors of spring and summer 2020.

Vary your accessories regularly so that it looks as if you have a new wardrobe every time someone meets you. For instance, that black dress looks great with a stunning necklace or some earrings in the color of the season. Next time you wear the same black dress with a nice scarf in a splashing color. Or matching shoes and handbag.

Tip 03 wearing the colors of spring and summer 2020.

Buy sustainable accessories that last more than a few years. The colors and style come back all the time, so you can use them next time they get fashionable.

Tip 04 wearing the colors of spring and summer 2020.

Develop your own style in clothing. Why follow fashion when it does not suit you? For example, I don’t have a size S(mall). A-line dresses look best on me. Whether this style of dress is THE fashion or not I don’t care. Since I look rediculous in too short dresses or too long or too wide etc. What I do is change my jewelry and choose the right colors, that make me beautiful. And I have a lot of scarves that do the trick.

In this blog post, I show you an outlay of the fashion colors of this season.

The basic fashion colors of this spring and summer.

There are 4 basic colors for the spring and the summer season. The colors are ‘lark’ what is a light khaki to brown color. The color ‘Navy Blazer’ is a beautiful deep blue. The third one is ‘Brilliant White’, a modern white with a splash of light purple. And ‘Ash’ that looks a bit like light-gray, a real timeless color.

I show you the colors with a necklace that has the same color. But off course, you can combine these colors also with an accessory in just a different shade. Or a quite different color that matches your basic color best.

new seasonal color lark
To the light brown statement necklace
new seasonal color navy blazer
To the dark blue goldstone necklace
new seasonal color brilliant white
To the silver rhinestone statement necklace
new seasonal color ash
To the long gray pearl necklace

The fashion colors of this spring and summer.

These colors represent the season and are inspired by the spring or summer. The colors stand out and there are 12 of them. The names of those colors are not mine. And since they can be a little confusing I try to describe them. And besides that: you can find an image of each color in this blog post.

  1. Flame Scarlet, a light red to orange color that radiates confidence. Some agates and carnelian have this color.
  2. Saffron, a beautiful somewhat darker yellow. It looks like the color of orange to yellow amber and looks great with ‘bone’.
  3. Classic Blue, a great darker blue hue that reminds me best of Lapis Lazuli and sodalite.
  4. Biscay Green is a splendid light green color and matches emerald jewelry beautifully.
  5. Chive is a dark green color, which represents ‘harmony’. You can compare is with malachite and some darker jades.
  6. Faded Denim is a comfortable blue color that matches a lot of other colors. Some jaspers have that color.

And the other ones…

  1. Orange Peel is orange but not the bright orange. It looks more like amber.
  2. Mosaic Blue reminds me of the color of a sapphire, beautiful and elegant.
  3. Sunlight is a very light yellow, more the citrine color.
  4. Coral Pink has more red than pink in it and can be combined with a carnelian beautifully.
  5. Cinnamon Stick looks really like cinnamon, a combination between brown and red. Some pearls have this color in it.
  6. Grape Compote is a very light purple that you find with agates and some shell pearls.
new seasonal color flame scarlet
To the orange agate necklace
new seasonal color saffron
To the brown tiger eye statement necklace
new seasonal color classic blue
To the lapis lazuli necklace gold
new seasonal color biscay green
To the emerald green necklace
new seasonal color chive
To the dark green necklace
new seasonal color faded denim
To blue jasper necklace
new seasonal color orange peel
To orange brown statement necklace
new seasonal color mosaic blue
To blue sapphire necklace
new seasonal color sunlight
To the yellow citrine necklace
new seasonal color coral pink
To the white orange pearl necklace
new seasonal color cinnamon stick
To the brown white pearl necklace
new seasonal color Grape compote
To the purple agate necklace

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