Can gemstones improve your health? Healing stones or gemstones with healing properties are already known for ages. But the big question is ‘can gemstones heal?’ and ‘will your health improve when to wear certain gemstones?’. Does ‘gemstone therapy work?’. In the Netherlands, gemstone therapy is regarded as not scientifically proven and therefore the science world think it is phony or crap. But in Germany, the gemstone therapy is an accepted form of alternative therapy. Why is the feeling about gemstone therapy so different in two countries that are neighbors? And can you get any benefits from gemstones regarding your health, regardless what the scientific world thinks?

Let us see whether we can find some answers on the questions about the value of the curing properties of gemstones and healing stones and whether gemstone therapy can help you with improving your health.

The knowledge of gemstones as healing stones is very old

Already in Ancient Times people recognized and used the healing properties of gemstones and healing stones. In graves from the Stone Age, archeologists found crystal jewelry, that defended the wearers from harm and improves health. They even used the gemstones to view into the future. In Egypt, during the time of the Pharaoh’s gemstones were worn as an amulet, sometimes beautifully carved. We are familiar with the turquoise ‘beetles’ that were found in the Egyptian graves. And the Jewish High Priests wore a kind of body armor decorated with very expensive gemstones, representing the 12 tribes of Israel, and gave power to the wearer of this body armor. And in the European Middle Ages ‘withes’ used bowls of crystal quartz to view into the future.

It is nice to know that people in Ancient Times used gemstones not only as a piece of jewelry but also as a curing device wearing it as an amulet or seal, that was carved with inscriptions or images. But we are living in Modern Times now and what are we thinking now about the healing capacities of gemstones and gemstone therapy? More and more people discover the benefits gemstones can have for their health but is there scientific proof for the claim that the healing gemstones can help to diminish health problems?

Turquoise earrings with silver and a piece raw turquoise gemstone. The gemtone therapy discovered that skin has influence on the color of the turquoise.

Turquoise can change color when you wear it very very often.

Is gemstone therapy a fraud or a blessing?

As mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, in the Netherlands gemstone therapy is regarded as crap by the scientists and is not accepted by the insurance companies as a form of alternative therapy. In Germany, the neighbor of the Netherlands they have a different opinion, thanks a scientist called Michael Gienger. This searcher had a lot of troubles with awful bronchitis, that he by accident cured wearing an emerald. As a scientist, he started researching this experience, whether it had some scientific value or whether it was just ‘luck’.

He formed groups of persons of different ages and different social and regional backgrounds. Every group got a certain gemstone and carried that for 4 to 6 weeks. In the meanwhile, they described all the physical and mental changes of their life. After the 6 weeks, Michael Gienger discovered that all the people experienced the same changes and had the same experience in physical and mental health issues. In this way, new medicines are tested and one could say this is a scientific proof that gemstones have an influence on your body and mind. And Gienger noticed too, that every gemstone had different influences on a certain aspect of health. Some gemstones can improve the health of your blood, others can heal your skin problems etc. He discovered that gemstones are an aid for improving your health. Eventually, the body has to cure itself.

Witch with crystal bowl and cut diamond. Witches did not relate with gemstone therapy but used gemstones to view into the future

In the Middle Ages, witches used a crystal bowl to view into the future

Is there a placebo effect using gemstone therapy?

A lot of critics think that the proof of Michael Gienger is insufficient and they believe that gemstone therapy does not work. They say that the positive results of the tests of Michael Gienger are caused by the placebo effect. That means that the people who participated in the test think the gemstone has a positive effect on their health and that mindset makes the health improvement and not the gemstone itself. That may be true but isn’t it better to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry made of gemstone and think that this works than swallowing a lot of medicine with all the side-effects? Knowing that those medicines don’t guarantee you an improvement of your health.

On the other hand, nowadays it is scientifically proven that we need sufficient vitamins and minerals in our food to stay in a good condition and prevent from getting ill. You can find those minerals in gemstones! There is also a relationship between gemstones and your skin. When you don’t wear your pearls they lose their brilliance and their mother of pearl. But when you wear your turquoise too often the gemstone will change color. And already in Ancient Times people knew that hematite helps against anemia. Since hematite is pure iron oxide it is possible that the iron oxide goes through your skin, when you wear hematite and solves the anemia.

And there are much more examples. There is a theory that you have to wear your gemstone on your bare skin, because then the minerals go through your skin, like a kind of medicine. Just like the patches doctors subscribe to soften the pain, or for losing weight or help you not to smoke. But you must be careful with wearing gemstones for improving your health. You never know whether your gemstone gives you the right amount of minerals (it can be too much) and maybe there is something else wrong with your health and you cover it up wearing gemstones with a healing property.

The gemstone powers got more familiar

Since the research of Michael Gienger the gemstone powers got more familiarity. And his groups discovered gemstones with healing power like the amethyst is great when you have a headache. It is possible that the groups only thought that the amethyst had this power and in this way, the amethyst helps against headaches. Or the sodalite that should help against stress and high blood pressure. Or that someone with a low self-esteem gets more confidence wearing a ruby.

Besides the theory of the gemstone healing power, discovered by Michael Gienger, there are also not scientifically proven theories, that try to proof the gemstone healing power. According to one theory, people have seven energy centers or chakras in their body. And those chakras follow the colors of the rainbow and all have their own vibration frequency, that work on our physical, mental and emotional health. Gemstones have their own color and according to that chakra, the theory is the gemstones connected with one or more chakra’s and have an influence on your health. With the special vibration frequency gemstones can help to improve your health.

The conclusion

The conclusion of this all is that gemstone therapy is still not a 100% scientifically proven method to improve your health and it is no alternative for the ‘normal’ medical care when you need that. On the other hand, it is not proven that gemstones don’t have a healing property. You have to believe in this therapy to let it work for you. When you are a non-believer it does not help at all. But may I suggest that you wear pieces of jewelry with your favorite beautiful gemstone and maybe it works for you. And if not: you have a great piece of jewelry and you look awesome with it. What can you want more?

Just to stay on the safe side FlorenceJewelshop made a chart with the most appreciated gemstones sorted by color and with their healing properties. And it is free, so download the chart now!

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