In my last blog post, I told you about the materials that the jeweler designers like to use making their awesome pieces of jewelry in 2018. But it not only the materials that are important in this business, it is also the themes. Every look has its own theme and that makes that look special. That goes for pieces of jewelry too. Let me give you an update on the great 2018 jewelry trends.

Let us see what the themes of the 2018 pieces of jewelry are.

  • Simple minimalistic pieces of jewelry are really hot. This theme was very popular in 2017 and that will be the case in 2018. The people who love this theme want to express that materialism is not their piece of cake. Keep it simple is their slogan. That does not mean that this jewelry is not absolutely beautiful.
  • Extravagant pieces of jewelry are just the opposite theme from the simplistic minimalistic jewelry theme. The extravagant theme includes pieces of jewelry that are huge, large and long necklaces. It looks like an overload, and to avoid that only wear one piece of this kind of jewelry at the time. The necklaces are complicated and have multi-colored beads, with large pendants.
  • Besides the minimalistic and the extravagant theme you see the punk and grunge This theme represents renovation and rebellion. It is a unisex style with simple earrings and large pendants on long necklaces.



In 2018 we not only see certain styles or themes, but there is also a special color that you will see in the new collections of the jeweler designers:

  • The theme ‘green’ has a prominent place in the jewelry collections of 2018. The trendy color is called ‘greenery’ and it represents the spring, that is coming after this winter. The look is fresh and looks great in combination with silver.

And last by not least, there are some jewelry elements that are worth mentioning, regarding the 2018 new jewelry themes:

  • The safety pin is back. This pin was always a kind of symbol for the punk theme and mostly you saw them as a kind of earring. But now the safety pin comes back in necklaces and bracelets. My great colleague of BluCatDesign makes great necklaces with safety pins.
  • A piece of jewelry that was always related to loyalty is the crown. And the crown will definitely be the new trend for 2018 since it is a perfect hair accessory, it’s fragile and an eyecatcher on great parties.
  • A nice new trend is the floral ring, that are the rings made in the shape of a flower. You can wear them all day and on every season and occasion. You can see that the rings with large flowers will be seen especially in winter and the golden flower rings in autumn. And in between you get the elegant ring, with a flower theme.

This blog post has the intention to update you on the new trends in jewelry. You can follow the crowd, but my advise it to find out what you like and choose those styles and themes and ornaments that match your features. Having problems with choosing the right piece of jewelry that makes you sparkle? I have a free information set for you, with lots and lots of tips and tricks to choose the right jewelry for you. Why don’t you click on the link or the photo and let me know where I can send this free information too.

Hug Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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