In my last blog, I wrote that natural pearls will become very rare and so very expensive. But when you stay on the look-out for exceptional pearls, you might be very lucky and find a pearl treasure! And a fortune! In this blog post, I describe 4 ways to find your pearl treasure.

  1. Check your jewelry box or the box of your (grand)mother

The best and easiest way to find great natural pearls is in the jewel box of your mother or grandmother. In the early 20th century the high-quality pearls were reasonably priced. And the ‘normal’ people could afford pearls.

There are still a lot of great high-quality pearl necklaces and earrings in families, and nobody wants to wear them, because they have an out-dated design. But that is easy to solve (see my June blog post). Ask me to design and make a new piece of jewelry, using the old family pearls.

  1. Have all the luck of the world like this Dutch fisherman

In August 2015 a shell was found in the Oosterschelde (estuary between Belgium and the Netherlands) with 21 pearls. Normally you can find the most 2 pearls in a shell like that. The fisherman sold it to a fish store in the south of the Netherlands and there they discovered the exceptional amount of pearls in only one shell. The shell was auctioned in the Hague/the Netherlands for € 2600 / $ 3017.

The Dutch fisherman found 21 pearls in an oyster

The Dutch fisherman found 21 pearls in an oyster

  1. Find your treasure in a garage sale

Instead of looking for exceptional pearls in your family jewel box you can try your luck in a garage sale. Some find paintings of Rembrandt worth thousands and thousands of dollars and Euro’s, so why cannot you find great pieces of pearl jewelry, that you can redesign unto great pieces of modern jewelry (and when you cannot, I can do that for you).

  1. Go to an auction and hope for the best

In June they auction an exceptional pearl in the Hague/The Netherlands. The pearl is about 300 years old, weighs 120 gram and the estimated value is between €340.000 and €540.000 / $400.000 and $625.000. It is said that this is the biggest freshwater pearl in the world.

And this pearl has a history: In 1765 this pearl – that is also exceptional because of its shape – came with a VOC trader from China to Batavia (Indonesia). This was an illegal act because all the pearls of this value were the property of the Chinese Emperor. Then Empress Catherine the Great of Russia bought this gem on an auction around 1810. What happened then is not clear, but somehow a Dutch jeweler family from Amsterdam got the pearl.

Maybe, Empress Catherine, the great has a great deal on the auction, but now the pearl will be too expensive for you and me. But who knows… we might be lucky with another pearl.

My biggest tip for the pearl lover is to stay on the lookout for exceptional pearls by checking your family jewel box, searching the garage sales and auctions in your neighborhood and cross your fingers that you get all the luck of the world on your side.


And when you find a great pearl, you like very much and you can afford it… be happy wit hit also when it is a somewhat lower quality than the pearls of the Chinese Emperor.

But (I hear you thinking) how do you know what is a great pearl, what types of pearls are there and where should I pay attention to buying pearls. Well, luck is coming your way already. I wrote an ebook about pearls, and it is free. So use this link: and you will find it in your email box. When you ask for the ebook I will send you every 2 weeks an email full of tips & secrets about jewelry and gemstones. Here is where your luck starts. 

Hug Florence from FlorenceJewelshop

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