Travelling is very important for me. I get a lot of inspiration wandering around in other cultures, meeting all kinds of people and the shapes and colors of nature.

It gives me a big opportunity to look for beautiful and unusual beads. And luckily I find those beads. I only buy small quantities so that I can make a necklace and earrings or a bracelet or pin/brooch. The local sellers cannot cheat me since I have enough experience in recognizing the real gemstones (semi precious stones). And after I have decided what to buy, then the game of negotiation starts: I love that part.

When I come home I spread my trophies on the table and look for great color or shape combinations. And then the proces of imagination and thinking starts. I get an idea and I make the piece of jewelry in my head. I have to do it this way, so that I can anticipate to prevent technical impossibilities in the production process.

After the thinking process is finished I take a piece of thread and put the beads on it. Sometimes I have to alter my design because I don’t like the total look of the combination of beads. If so, then I search for different bead combination, put some silver between the beads or… start all over again.

Normally I finish the necklace with a magnetic clasp, which is so practical in putting a necklace around your neck, without fiddeling around with small clasps.

Then I take the photo’s and list it in my shop, ready for you to buy or just have a look and enjoy.

How FlorenceJewelshop designs unique pieces of jewelry for you:

  • Every design is used for one piece of jewelry. No duplicates made

  • Material bought on one of my travels: ‘every bead has a story’

  • Jewelry made of gemstones and (mostly) silver

  • Special light weight line

  • Information of the used materials comes with every purchase

  • Alterations and custom made jewelry possible

  • Use of magnetic clasps for easy handling


10 tips for avoiding that your jewelry gets dirty and how to store them with care.

In this e-book you will find out:
• why your silver jewelry gets black and how to avoid that
• how to clean your jewelry with care
• how to store your jewelry best

The world is so beautiful, the people are great; we just have to pay attention that it stays that way.
Are you ready to go with me on those travels through my photos and beads?

Love to have you around!