Let’s face it. Everybody is brought up with fairy tales, told by their mothers or grandmothers. And the story of the mermaid is a popular one besides the story of Snowwhite of course. And you are not used to hearing fairy tales from FlorenceJewelshop, are you? But today I want to tell you the story about ‘why aquamarine is the gemstone of the mermaid’. Not only because I want to tell you a fairy tale. But because after reading this story you will love the aquamarine as much as I do.

The story of the mermaid Aquamarine

In 2001 Alice Hoffman writes a fairy tale about a mermaid called Aquamarine and in 2006 a movie based on this novel was made.

It is the story about two girls, who will be separated because one of them has to move to Australia. One night, after a storm, the girls find a mermaid in the swimming pool of a beach club.

Het name is Aquamarine and she tells the girls that she can assume a human body in the day time. And she explains her presence telling that she is here to find love. Her father threatens to marry her to a boy she does not know. And he gave her three days to find love otherwise the arranged marriage will take place.

While talking to the girls she sees a very handsome guy and asks the girls to help her to win his heart. In return, she will grant them a wish.

The handsome boy and Aquamarine share a kiss and the boy promise Aquamarine to wait for her. The mermaid grants the wish to the girls and they discussed to use the wish to avoid their separation. Now the mermaid sees what real love is like when the girls decided that the wish will be used to make sure that the three can meet each summer.

Can there be something more special than (the ) aquamarine?

Last January I was in Siem Reap (Cambodia), where we visited Angkor Wat, the famous jungle temple complex, discovered not so long ago. Of course, I was looking for gemstone beads too. After a long search in the last shop on my list, I found what I was looking for.

Here I saw one of the most beautiful pieces of aquamarine I ever laid my hands on. Light blue, crystal clear, perfectly cut and too expensive for even try to negotiate the price down so that I can afford it.

The aquamarine has the power of love, the beauty of the mermaid and the touch of the life-giving waters of this planet. It is said that aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids. When I felt that piece of gemstone, I really felt that it is a treasure.

aquamarine blue necklace

aquamarine blue necklace

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The aquamarine gemstone gives you eternal youth!

According to the people who believe in the healing powers of gemstones, the aquamarine can be compared with a splash of ice blue cold water in the face. The crystal will make your body more beautiful because it encourages self-respect and inner peace. And it stands for tranquility so that you can avoid all the stress marks in your face, living our normal life.

Believe this or not. But when you wear a piece of jewelry made of aquamarine and may be combined with pearls, you will look younger. Younger because you are so happy possessing such a treasure, younger because your skin looks beautiful with aquamarine.

Remember the story of Aquamarine, the mermaid who found love!

Not only the novel of Alice Hoffman and the movie about Aquamarine, the mermaid, will remember us of the beautiful light blue gemstone. But it is also the base of this fairy tale. There are a lot of mermaids in the world, along with the seaside that keeps the story alive.

The statue of the mermaid in Copenhagen is maybe the most famous one. But -surprise, surprise – in Kep (Cambodia) I found a huge mermaid statue on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. Just to make sure I will not forget the beautiful piece of aquamarine I saw in the shop in Siem Reap.

Aquamarine earrings

Feeling magpie vibrations?

Aquamarine is rather expensive, especially the high-quality pieces. In my collection, you will find a gorgeous necklace (affordable). And when you want I can make you a custom order, just let me know on info@florencejewelshop.com. Also with a somewhat lesser quality gemstone, you feel the beauty, the peace and the power of the mermaid.

Every week I publish a new FlorenceJewelshop Secrets, full of beautiful gemstones and jewelry with their background stories. It’s free and you just have to let me know where I can send it to.

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