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All about the birthstone and you!

Long ago my mother got for their anniversary a ring from my father, with 12 little round gemstones. My father explained that she could wear this ring and change the gems when she pleases. The [...]

What is the best necklace for a taller woman?

A necklace can make every woman more beautiful and more confident. With the right necklace, you will be noticed and you get more compliments. To put it short: a necklace is a great addition to [...]

What necklace makes a slim woman stunning?

In my last blog post, I gave a lot of great tips and secrets about what necklace a well-figured woman can wear best to look fabulous. In this blog post, I will describe the type of [...]

Did you know there are traditions in bracelets?

Traditions are everywhere in life. But did you know there are even traditions in bracelets? And very old traditions too! And there is a new tradition coming up: it’s bracelet month now at FlorenceJewelshop! But [...]

A bracelet should not be a slave bracelet!

This month is bracelet month at FlorenceJewelshop. I love bracelets, all kind of bracelets. I think they can make you so beautiful. But I have problems with one type of bracelet. Not because of its [...]

Do you know how old the bracelet is?

This month is ‘bracelet month’ at FlorenceJewelshop. And preparing this, I wondered ‘how old is the bracelet’? or better ‘do YOU know how old the bracelet is? As a historian, I know that people in [...]

An update on the great 2018 jewelry trends

In my last blog post, I told you about the materials that the jeweler designers like to use making their awesome pieces of jewelry in 2018. But it not only the materials that are important [...]

Can gemstone therapy improve your health?

Can gemstones improve your health? Healing stones or gemstones with healing properties are already known for ages. But the big question is ‘can gemstones heal?’ and ‘will your health improve when to wear certain gemstones?’. [...]

GOLD and what you need to know about it!

At the moment I am in Italy and I see that the women here are wearing a lot of gold pieces of jewelry and they look absolutely great with their jewelry. But this gold has [...]

Know everything of the new colors of 2017/2018

Nowadays in the fashion industry, they talk about trends, the new colors of 2017/2018 and that is the same for the jewelry industry.What is jewelry without fashion and what is fashion without jewelry: hardly anything [...]

Jewel trends of 2017/2018: the 4 best ones!

In my last blog post, I explained that a jewel trends of 2017/2018 are not just an idea of a jewel designer. It’s too easy to think that when a designer just makes and promotes a [...]

How to make the jewelry trend 2017/2018?

The designers of pieces of jewelry present their newest ideas in jewelry and the jewelry trend 2017/2018 on the catwalk or in magazines. And when quite a few designers have the same idea they call [...]

What is the perfect jewelry for a tall woman?

A piece of jewelry can make every woman more beautiful and more confident. With jewelry, you will be noticed and you get more compliments. To put it short: jewelry is a great addition for your [...]

More respected with the right jewelry!

Do you know the expression ‘fine feathers make fine birds’? It more or less means that your clothes or feathers decide whether people pay attention to you or not. And it’s not only attention but [...]

How to look back to find the new ethnic jewelry.

Designers of jewelry get their inspiration a lot of times from the ethnic jewelry or tribal jewelry. Your own national jewelry feels authentic, it feels like home and you will feel happy with it. Of [...]

How to stand out more wearing a brooch!

You like reading about jewelry and everything around jewelry? And now and then you like to receive some tips? Just tell me where I have to send the tips to and the announcement for new [...]

How to look amazing with Christmas?

In the past weeks, I wrote a few blogs about the fashion colors and styles in relation to pieces of jewelry. Whatever the fashion is, we often choose for our Christmas outfit the colors black, [...]

Did you know that your jewelry can talk?

In my last blog I explained that your pieces of jewelry should match with your character, your feelings and emotion. When you don’t pay attention to that, you can confuse others. Your jewelry should typify [...]

Show me your jewelry and I know who you are!

Your pieces of jewelry show the world who you are, how you feel or what you want to tell the world who you are! A statement necklace on a party dress means: ‘hey everybody, here [...]

What is your favorite color for this Fall?

In the last two weeks I published blogs about the fashiontrends of Fall 2016. In the first blog (‘how to combine your jewelry with the new Fall fashion’) I informed you about what kind of [...]

A necklace made of money: how cool is that!

A very long time ago I was a touroperator (in the 1990s) and I was invited by an airline to check the touristic possibilities in Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya. Both countries are situated [...]

What has jewelry to do with power?

The reason to wear jewelry is not only because you want to look beautiful of you want to be noticed or to decorate a rather dull dress. Pieces of jewelry are alos worn as a [...]


In an earlier blog I told you about diamonds and about the diamond that was found in a mine in Botswana. That (uncut) diamond was one of the largest diamond ever found, uptil now. The [...]

Where do jewels come from in the old days?

In our culture it is normal that people are wearing jewelry. But when did people start to wear jewelry and how do we know that? What kind of jewelry did the people in prehistoric times [...]

Fake, fraud, cheap or genuine?

A lot of people like to know whether the gemstone in their jewel is real. That can be a real difficult question, since gemstones are normally pricy and there are always people who want to [...]

Adornment and Identity in Palmyra by Mariah Morales

Sometimes you come across a beautiful illustrated, well written and very interesting article, that I cannot get my eyes of. This article is about the extraordinary beautiful jewelry of the women in Palmyra/Syria, quite a [...]

How Cleopatra showed the world she was rich!

In a previous blog I talked about the dilemma whether gemstones and semi precious stones can be considered as the same. The value of a gemstone is determined by its rareness, color, brilliance etc. But [...]

The secrets of FlorenceJewelshop

Discover the secrets of gemstone Turquoise Turquoise is an opaque blue to green gemstone, that is very rare and pricey (more than $250 per kilo). It has been used for ages as an ornamental stone [...]


Zircon is not Zirconia and do you know why?

In this blog post, we focus on the Zircon, the birthstone of December, together with Turquoise and Tanzanite. Zircon is not Zirconia and do you know why? Zircon is a very intriguing gemstone that can [...]

The citrine is a great anti-depressant cure

November has two birthstones, the topaz, and the citrine. Especially the citrine is a great choice as the birthstone of November: who does not need desperately some sun in this month? The citrine, with it’s [...]

Sapphire: the popular september birthstone.

The birthstone of September is the sapphire and this magnificent blue gemstone is very popular. But why? On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris. She was just divorced from [...]

Pearls can make every woman stunning

Although the pearl is the birthstone of June (you lucky June birthday lady) I would advise the experts urgently to make the pearl the birthstone of every month, every week and every day. The pearl [...]

The diamond: the symbol of love

My father was a jeweler and when I was born my parents received as a present from their best jeweler friend a diamond. Turning 21 years old my father gave me the diamond in a [...]

Rhinestone is beautiful, but is it a gemstone?

Rhinestone is also called the ‘poor man’s diamond’. It is less expensive, but the brilliance and the appearance look like a diamond. Very rich people, that owe very expensive jewelry made of diamonds, leave those [...]

Turquoise, the oldest gemstone in the world

Turquoise is the birthstone of December ( as are tanzanite and zircon) and is considered as one of the oldest gemstones on earth. Besides that, it is the national gem of Tibet and brings good [...]

No more secrets about jade!

Long time ago I worked as a touroperator and tourleader in China. It’s a very big country, with many minority cultures besides the Han Chinese. With 51 dialects, that differ like English and French. With [...]


In a blog of a few weeks ago I explained that pearls, amber or coral are being considered as gemstones. They are animal-made materials, but still they can be called ‘gemstones’. Pearls are the gemstone [...]


In my last blog I was talking about diamonds; those precious glitters with an fabulous price. And I told you why they were so expensive: due to their brilliance, their color and their clearness. And [...]


That lovely blue transparent to opaque gemstone, the birthstone of march, the Zodiac sign for Scorpio, the sister of emerald (both from the Beryl family) and the favorite stone of many is called… Aquamarine. There [...]