50 tips to choose the right necklace that makes you sparkle

Do you know what necklace looks best on you?

You want to be beautiful. You want to get compliments.
You want to be happy with the right necklace. If you want all this you need to know what necklace looks best on you, and makes you sparkle.
Let me help you out with 50 tips and secrets choosing the right necklace.
I wrote this booklet especially for you because my passion is to make you look awesome. And you will with these tips.
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Jewelry should make you sparkle!

Do you know what pieces of jewelry are best on you?

Well, I do! And I wrote an e-book, with more than 100 tips about it.
You will find the perfect tips for YOU. It will cost you nothing because my passion is to make you look awesome. And you will, with these tips.
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The story behind your birthstone

Do you want to know everything about your birthstone? Do you want to give a ‘birthstone’ present to your friend?

Your birthstone can do so much for you! Download this e-book about birthstones to read the answers.
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Bracelets that make you sparkle!

14 Tips to find the right bracelets

Bracelets are ‘hot’ and it is very trendy to wear more than one bracelet at the same time.

 You wear bracelets to be beautiful and to feel great with all the compliments you get.
But that will only happen when you wear the right bracelets for your posture. I see a 
lot of women wearing a bracelet that makes them bigger or that bracelet enlighten 
the ‘wrong’ parts of your body.

In this little booklet, I will give you 14 tips to choose the right bracelets for your posture 
and that makes you sparkle. And information about what type of bracelets you
can choose from.

My best tips for choosing the right earrings to make you sparkle

19 tips and advise to choose the right earrings for your face!

* Which earrings are the best for your face and to look fabulous
* How to avoid wearing the wrong earrings
* How to emphasis on the best parts of your face


Get some awesome tips how to clean and store your jewelry

All you want and need to know about pearls

For everybody who loves pearls and who doesn’t?

Nearly every woman owns pearl earrings or a pearl necklace. This absolutely great, but delicate wonder of nature is appreciated by many. But not many people know a lot about pearls and not knowing can mean not taking care of the right way!

In this free ebook, you can find:

  • Information about the more than 20 types of pearls
  • The difference between a natural and a cultured pearl
  • How to see whether a pearl is ‘real’

and a lot more about caring and storing and more


Find your birthstone and its healing capacity

Do you know what your birthstone is? And what your birthstone can do for your health?
Are you looking for a personal gift for a friend?
This PDF can help you find your birthstone or the one for your friend AND what it can do for your health!

Watch my instruction video’s

Magnetic Clasps

Why using magnetic clasps and how do they work

How to

Measure the right length for your necklace?

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