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    Blue silver necklace, bracelet, earrings jewelry set of fire agate and blue quartz (called EvaMaria-s)



    This blue silver necklace, bracelet, earrings jewelry set of fire agate and blue quartz is made of faceted fire agate and blue quartz, combined with sterling silver. When you wear a jewelry set, where the pieces of jewelry are combined carefully, you look elegant and there is never ‘too much’. That is why I put together this bracelet necklace and a matching pair of earrings. You can find all the details of the separate pieces in their listings.

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    Blue, purple,black silver gemstone bracelets in a set of 4 (called Maia-a)



    This blue, purple, black, silver gemstone bracelets in a set of 4 are made with Thai silver, fluorite, onyx, sodalite and agate. Bracelets are very trendy nowadays, and women like to wear a few bracelet together. These bracelets in a set of 4 are matching great and the magnetic clasps hold the four pieces of jewelry together. A fabulous way of being trendy but exclusive!

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    Dark blue silver earrings of lapis lazuli (called Linda-e)


    These dark blue silver earrings of lapis lazuli are not only fabulous to wear but the match with a lot of outfits, colors, and pieces of jewelry. A real multifunctional beauty and I would have made a lot more jewelry of lapis lazuli when the price was not so high for this gemstone. Actually, you should consider having at least one pieces of jewelry in your collection made of this lapis lazuli. It is so beautiful, with the little gold spots and the deep blue color.

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    Blue gemstone necklace of agate, goldstone, and Thai silver (called Grimstad)


    This necklace is made of agate, goldstone, and Thai silver and it is finished with a magnetic clasp. The agate is carved and after that, they put the beads in a bath with etching material; the scarves become a bit white then, what makes the agate bead in combination with the dark blue goldstone ‘vivid’. The Goldstone is faceted and has very little golden spots in the material, what makes that the light shines perfectly on this necklace and on your face. Women with all kinds of posture will look great with this necklace, just take care that it is not too long for you.

    You can wear this necklace on all kinds of events, but also to the office or to an important meeting. And the necklace looks great on black, dark blue, white, dark gray or creme outfits.

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    Blue brooch pin


    This blue agate, pearl and sodalite brooch pin is made of high quality gemstone and Thai silver. From this design is only one brooch pin available and there will be no duplicate(s) made. You will have a very special designed piece of jewelry, which makes you special and more beautiful than you already are. You will get noticed with this gorgeous brooch pin.

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‘The necklace is such a beautiful work, and the clasp design so clever and useful!!’ Dukes Taiwan
‘What beautiful one of a kind earrings! Stefanie’ USA
‘Hi, Florence, everything is wonderful, thank you so much! I truly believe you are a great artist’. Gao Canada
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“I received my bracelet yesterday and was delighted. It is even more beautiful than it appeared in the photos, and the fall of it on my wrist is absolutely perfect. I immediately put it on and wore it the rest of the day. It was surprising to me that it is easy to wear and even forget I had it on. It must be that the fit is perfect, and so it wears nicely without “getting in the way.” You are both an artist and a magician!’ Marcia USA


My promise to you:

Every piece of my jewelry is unique and handmade.

You never ever find the same piece of jewelry in this world made by FlorenceJewelshop.